The Story about an Indian Sport Wrestling – Pro Wrestling League

Pro Wrestling League (PWL) is the initiative of ProSportify and the Wrestling Federation of India. ProSportify owned by Kartikeya Sharma has an aim to expand the business of sports leagues not only in India but on a worldwide basis. According to Sharma, the main purpose of ProSportify is to transform and uplift the sports in a professional manner in the country. Pro Wrestling League is their first venture and according to Sharma, it is going to be an ideal one.

Pro Wrestling League:

Pro Wrestling League was established in 2015 as an Indian sports wrestling promotion. The league is in accordance with the weight categories of United World Wrestling. There were six teams in all the seasons of PWL, and each team had 9 players. The leagues include group stages in which the teams use to fight each other once. After the group stages, the teams with top score qualify in the playoffs. 9 bouts are held during the playoffs and the team who wins 5 bouts wins the league.

The players participate in this league through a bidding system. Through this bidding system, the owner of each team selects players of his choice by making the highest bid. The PWL teams include Mumbai Garuda, NCR Punjab Royals, Delhi Sultans, UP Dangal, UP Maharathi, Veer Marathas, Haryana hammers, and Mumbai Marathi.

According to Sharma, the main aim of PWL is to support the cause of sports in India. Sharma says that to support a cause we need to create more opportunities for the people and that’s the reason he invested in PWL. Three seasons of PWL have been held till now and have created a plethora of opportunities for the Indian wrestlers eager to break out into the spotlight.

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